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KENWOOD TK 280 380
Kenwood’s new TK-280/380 compact portable offers Trunked Format or Conventional Format configurations along with FleetSync® Digital Messaging & Signaling, sufficient to be an integral part of any radio system where it counts most — in the field. What’s more, the rugged ergonomic design and world-famous Kenwood quality combine to make this high-performance unit perfect for today’s demanding applications.

General Features :

    The two-color LED provides traditional transmit/warning (red), receive (green), and alert (orange) visual indications. This LED is recessed to limit omni-directional visibility to everyone except the radio operator.


    The TK-280/380 is equipped with an
    extra-large 1.58-inch speaker element
    and delivers a half-watt of
    audio power for robust clarity in noisy
    crowds and industrial environments.


    Kenwood offers KNB-17A 10-hour
    Ni-Cd batteries and KNB-21N/22N
    10/13-hour Ni-MH batteries for a
    choice of long or extra-longlife in
    any application.
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